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Express yourself

Express your inner anime character 

Welcome to Tokyo Night Cosplay Show !
Do you have a cosplay that’s a showstopper? Are you ready to WAO the crowd with your performance?

Then sign up for our cosplay show! We want to share the love of cosplay with the rest of Houston, so come and represent!

(There is no entry fee )

ALL Cosplay Show participants will be automatically entered in a giveaway for chances to WIN:

  • Custom cosplay wig of your choice (We will draw TWO winners!)

  • Surprise goods from our sponsors!


Final round would be picked by October 30.

General Information


Cosplay Info

Upload File

Terms and Conditions: Entry for the Cosplay show will be only after being approved by Tokyo Night Festival,. Only cosplayers that have been approved may be  allowed on stage. We are NOT ALLOWING any  entries on the day of the event.  Cosplayer candidates will go through 2 interviews before approved.


PROCESS: We will be going over your application and only select 20 Cosplayers. You will be chosen base on
-Craftsmanship on outfit/props
- you will need to give us a description of your performance you will have a time limit of 2 to 3 mins for performance.

If accepted please keep that in mind, we want cosplayers who are ready to make the crowd cheer!

If chosen for second interview you will need to send us a video of your performance only 10-15 cosplayers will be chosen. Once chosen, we will send out an email with more information regarding the show.

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