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sharing the spotlight

Join us in celebrating the beauty of Japanese culture by sharing your talents. Whether you're a skilled voice actor, a talented cosplayer, or have something else to showcase, we want to give you the spotlight. Let us know how you can contribute to our community and help us spread the love for Japan.

What we are looking for

8 Voice Actors

8 Cosplayers

Performers/ Talent

Each guest are hand selected by our
team nationwide

2023 Guests

yuki kaji
Paris Cosplay
Houston Kendo Club
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To complete your registration, you must provide a recent photo of yourself or from a previous event you have attended in the past. Any of the fields that are not filled out, may disqualify any guest from acceptance and must be resubmitted.Submitting photos and applications does not guarantee a guests spot for Tokyo X. Our team will review all applications and respond based on whether the guest is a good fit for the event theme.


By submitting the application, special guests have acknowledged the terms and conditions.

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