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Rules and Policies for the  Cosplay Contest!

Tokyo X 2024

Rules and Policies for the  Cosplay Contest!


Do you have a cosplay that’s a showstopper? Are you ready to WAO the crowd with your performance?

Then sign up for our cosplay contest! We want to share the love of cosplay with the rest of Houston, so come and represent!(There is no entry fee )


CHANCE TO WIN $1000 Cash Prize:​


(Maximum of 30 contestants)



June 15, Saturday


ONSITE Cosplay Contest Signup  12 pm to 3 pm (or until 30 Max)


Cosplay Contest Prejudging is from 3 pm to 6 pm

  • Advanced 3 pm to 4 pm

  • Journeyman 4 pm to 5 pm

  • Beginner 5 pm to 6 pm

Contestant Lineup is from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Cosplay Contest Briefing is from 6:30 pm to 7pm

COSPLAY CONTEST starts promptly at 7 pm​



TOKYO X encourages all of our attendees to come in and be creative with their cosplay ideas. We want to see the most unique and creative design you have.  In accordance with the local, state, and federal safety and regulations, there are some restrictions as to what can be worn and what can be brought to the event. Please be mindful and respectful to everyone. 
This event is open to everyone and body shaming or being inappropriate to guests or con-goers will not be tolerated. Any minor infractions of the rules will result in being asked to be changed. Any major or repeated infractions to the rules will result in you forfeiting your entry from the event with no refunds. 



A.  Indecent Exposure: Cosplayers are not allowed to expose private parts of their area during the event. We ask all our female cosplayers to have a minimum of coverage as a bikini and male cosplayers to have a coverage brief style. Proper steps must be taken by our cosplayers to make sure their costume is fashionably secure and prevent any possibility of a wardrobe malfunction, all outfits must be rated PG and family friendly.


B. Shoes are required at all times: All of our cosplayers are required to wear shoes at all times during the event.


C. No Sharp Edges or Spikes: Cosplayers must not have any sharp edges on their costume. All edges must be made up of a soft material that will not harm any other attendees or damage any property, no metal objects will be allowed, or gun like props. 

D. Cosplay cannot obstruct the view or passageway: All cosplays must fit through the doorway or cannot take up the span length of two people. If a cosplay is disrupting the flow of traffic, you may be asked to remove your cosplay or change your cosplay outfit. Exceptions to this rule will be granted for the cosplay contest. 


E. Cannot pose as military or first responders: There are no realistic depiction of the military, law enforcement, or other official government uniforms allowed. 

No first responders' uniforms are allowed at the convention. 


F. Cosplay Previous Awards: In the spirit of fair play, all Cosplay Contest entries should not have won any awards from any previous Cosplay Contests.


G. Honoring the Cosplay Contest Schedule of Events: All Cosplay Contest entries are expected to be present and on time at their Prejudging scheduled time, Contest Lineup and Contest proper. Non-attendance at these designated times will forfeit the entry for the contest.


Prop Rules 


A. All props brought into the convention and surrounding spaces are the responsibility of the owner. The owner assumes and

acknowledges the risk of prop damage, loss, or theft. The owner assumes full liability for oneself and for others. TOKYO X is

not  held liable for any damage, loss, or stolen prop or items.


B. TOKYO X is also not responsible for any injury, harm, damage, or other liability associated with any person’s weapon, prop, or costume during

the convention. TOKYO X has the right to not permit any weapons for any reason into the convention, at any given time.


C.  No Live or Steel Metal: No prop or weapon made of metal is allowed. Any sharp-pointed weapon or blade will immediately be asked to be put away before entering the event. Dull wood weapons and plastic weapons are allowed, but may not be swung, brandished, or involved in other sorts of motion. 


D.  No Real Guns or Firearms allowed: ​Prop Guns are also not allowed. Anyone who brings in a replica of a firearm will be asked to be removed

from the event or leave the premises. Foam & cardboard is ok.

E. No Explosives: Absolutely NO kind of explosives (including firecrackers or fireworks) are allowed 

F.  Misuse of your prop: Use of props which violates any rules in any way, or if it’s deemed unsafe by staff will result in removal

from the event without refund.


**TOKYO X Cosplay Contest Policies & Rules are mainly for the safety and protection of all attendees and contestants of the event. TOKYO X encourages all Cosplay Contest entries and attendees, in general, to be creative in the spirit of fun and celebration. 

** If there are any concerns and doubts with regards to your cosplay, please feel free to reach out to the TOKYO X Cosplay Contest Team. The Cosplay Contest Coordinator reserves the right to make final decisions of safety or any other potential concerns regarding any cosplay entry.

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