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10’ x 10’


Vendor - (vendors are

responsible for bring own tent, tables and



For an 

additional price, 

limited quantity of Corner  Merchandise

10 x 10 spaces

are available.)


2 days


2 days



2 days

(inside Lucky Land)



The entire event will be held indoors for 2 Days - June 17 & 18 -  attracting food, art, and merchandise vendors
Looking for vendors to sustain 20+K attendees coming nationally and internationally.

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Market Outreach

Get noticed by millions of Japanese Fan


JUNE 17 & 18


Vendor Application
日本語での対応、お問い合わせは  ユウスケまでメールでお願いします。
Upload File

To complete your registration, you must provide a recent photo of your booth setup or from a previous event you have attended in the past. Any of the fields that are not filled out, may disqualify any vendor from acceptance and must be resubmitted. Submitting photo and application does not guarantee a vendor spot for Tokyo Night Festival. Our team will review all applications and respond based on whether vendor is a good fit for event theme.

By submiiting application, vendors have acknowledged terms and conditions. for more information

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