Houston Sumo Open Tournament Registration

Tournament Day: November 12th (Saturday)

Event Address: 8625 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77037

The tournament will be open-weight only,

no weight-classes (18+ of Age):


The men tournament will be double eliminations; 50 men max can register.


The women tournament will be round robin; 20 women max can register.


Pre-Registration Price: $30

Late Registration Price: $40

Deadline for Pre-Registration: October 23rd 2022 (10/23/2022)

Winner of Tokyo Night Festival Sumo Tournament:

- $200 cash prize

- Tokyo Night Festival Sumo Champion Trophy

- Special prize from our sponsors

- Bragging rights!!

**IMPORTANT** You must be a current USSF member at the time of applying, you will not be given the promo code to register until USSF status can be confirmed (you can do this through providing a picture of your USSF membership receipt). 

If you have questions or concerns please contact Nicholas Ton of Shogeki Sumo at (713) 208-0314 or Shogekisumo@gmail.com

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Will You be the next Rikishi?

To enter the Sumo Tournament we require anyone entering must upload receipt of USSF membership.  If you do not have one memberships can be purchased through https://www.ussumo.org/

Upload File

Thanks for applying to our event. We will review your application and reach back out!